The Pirate’s Enslaved Booty, Erotic Science-Fiction by Roger Doyle

When a feisty bounty hunter crosses paths with a notorious space-pirate, the sadistic criminal takes it personally when she aims to kill, and his payback is brutal. In space, there are no rules, and the virginal little redhead is overpowered and enslaved. Leaving no hole untouched, he attempts to sculpt her into the perfect plaything. Leah struggles to understand his motives as he tries to dehumanize her, and her escape attempts only invite more punishment. She’s a tough nut to crack, but he’s sure that he’ll soon possess a plaything with an insane craving for his cock, and a lusty thirst for his cum.

Can she hold onto her sanity as she endures his sadistic punishments?


pirate booty“Oh, dear. Captain Chert? Goodness gracious,” Leah muttered, realizing her terrible blunder straight off while making sure he couldn’t get a glimpse of her. She’d been following the wrong damn pirate, and from what she’d heard of Chert, she was in way over her head.

“Show me Captain Chert’s statistics!” she hissed, staring at the view-screen and calming a little as the towering pirate’s hologram was replaced with scrolling text. However, once she began reading about his vast list of robberies, murders and pillaging, she wasn’t the slightest bit reassured and thought it best to remain hidden. As she rushed to climb into the air duct, she hoped the brute would leave soon, and planned to keep quiet until he was gone.

The pirate grabbed hold of a brightly painted drone, a flattened globe with no visible weaponry but a cluster of sensors on the top and bottom. “Forward, Polly!” Chert ordered as the drone sprang into life and carried him across the space between airlocks. A security device produced from his coat quickly opened the yacht door and he stepped into the gravity field.

He gave the drone an affectionate pat and chuckled. “Go on, girl. Find anyone hiding around and warn them to go. I’ll be watching ye.” He touched the crossbones pattern on his eyepatch and it began to feed an overlay of the drone’s camera to him. It had taken many years to get used to the strange vertigo that gave him but it had proven its use in the past. He swaggered through the corridors toward the helm, blasting out cameras as he passed.

The inexperienced bounty hunter decided not to wait for him to introduce himself. It frustrated her to no end that he’d fouled up her plan by being the wrong dratted criminal and she was almost tempted to swear.

The air duct ran the length of the ship, and she crawled through it silently, heading toward the firing range where there were plenty of weapons. Along the way, her mischievous nature won out and she quietly whispered a command to activate the corroded fire system in the other ship. Pausing, Leah grinned while watching on her view-screen as rusty water gushed out of the derelict’s nozzles. She hoped her flood found the pirate, but wasn’t sure where he was because he’d disabled the cameras near him.

Chert swore vehemently as the water hit him. It cascaded from his shields but still annoyed him. “Hellfire and brimstone, Polly! Check the ducting, might be summat in there! Remember that time we had a xeno in that cargo ship? Had to flush the ducts with chlorine to clear it out… Broadcast the warning as ye go.” He punctuated his orders with shots to the nozzles, melting them shut. The drone floated into the duct from the empty bridge, zipping along towards Leah’s rear while beeping playfully in response.

Hearing something heading her way, Leah turned and fired blindly behind her. When a shot hit Polly’s control panel, the pirate’s old and faithful pet crashed down, rolling through the duct with its processor destroyed beyond repair. Without pausing to inspect the damage, Leah shoved her glasses back up on her nose and continued on toward her ship. There was a disturbing sizzling sound in the duct now, but the farther she went, the more distant it became.

Chert flinched as Polly’s feed exploded in static, but not before he’d seen a shapely rump crawling ahead of it. He swore again as he plotted his course, following the ducting to the lower airlock. He was furious at the loss of Polly. He’d had the quirky little bot for twenty years, and whoever took her out would pay.

Leah was worried. When she hatched the plan to catch Black Rolf and rescue her uncle, she hadn’t considered it could be the wrong darn pirate. Chert was a much higher level of danger, and she hadn’t even calculated in an escape factor. She climbed down into the shooting range, and headed to the weapon cabinet, knowing she was in way over her head.

There would be a wondrous bounty for the fool, but she wasn’t sure how to bring him in without shooting him dead. In her new line of business, she knew it was bound to happen, but hadn’t counted on the need to kill arriving so darn soon.

The angry pirate paused to send his ship around the yacht, studying it closer on the view-screen of his eyepatch. After spying the disguised hunter’s ship, his heavily armed craft took up position below it. “Mr Sliver, aim for the engines then the guns in that order. After that, begin holing it from the rear forward… Someone owes me a new pet!”

Smoke and flames erupted inside Leah’s ship as the overcharged weaponry began to tear it apart. “Come out and face me, or surrender now! I’ve not lived to this age by fighting fair!” He aimed his pistol at the airlock, cutlass clenched firmly in case there was more than one foe ahead.

“Good lord,” she whispered, as the man’s voice boomed through the airlock. Leah nervously chewed her gum faster as a wave of fear washed over her. She knew he was a giant, but his booming voice even sounded big. “No way am I giving up,” she muttered, gathering her courage. She was determined to be the survivor of their confrontation and decided to shoot him in the head and be done with it. He’d be impossible to bring in alive, and his crimes were terrible so she’d just appointed herself to be his judge and jury. “No way will I be the one pushing up daisies. Dead or alive, and I’m bringing him in dead.”

“Stay in there and see how well ye can breathe vacuum,” he called out, firing a random shot into her ship. “I’ll leave ye in a holed wreck if I need to!” He grinned as he waited his opponent’s next move, enjoying the challenge. It had been some time since anyone had dared to face him in combat.

After his quarrelsome announcement, she knew something had to be done fast. Unfortunately, her only choice was facing him at the airlock. Feeling cornered, she hurried to the airlock and got down on one knee, taking aim with both pistols.

It amazed her that things had gone downhill so fast. Her aunt would be furious about the ship, but the pirate’s bounty would buy her a replacement. The portly woman had only agreed to loan it out in hopes of getting her missing husband back, and Leah still wouldn’t let her down even though things had taken a turn for the worse. The couple had practically raised her and she’d find her uncle if it was the last thing she did.

The heat of the flames died, replaced with an overpowering cold as the oxygen was sucked out. It was getting harder to breathe and she started feeling light headed. Hurriedly, she pushed the button with the barrel of one gun, then took careful aim and began to fire as the doors slid open.

Chert stood behind the door as lasers flew past him. When every shot came from the same point, he knew there was only one enemy and charged heedlessly in.

Leah’s eyes widened as her carefully aimed shots deflected off of the towering pirate rushing at her. The lack of oxygen almost had her unconscious as she realized he had a shield and she’d be defeated.

The edge of his cutlass caught one of her guns, slicing it through as the butt of his pistol struck her head. He grinned as he lifted her limp body and hauled her through to the airlock, closing the hatch before her ship fully emptied of air. She weighed next to nothing and he admired his booty as he carried her through to a small cell on his craft. It surprised him that the little thing had put up such a fight and he decided she’d be fun to break.

Tossing her onto a metal bench, he was pleased with his find as he looked down at the pretty redhead. While stripping her naked, his cock hardened and he looked forward to shoving it inside her. She was so small that her holes would be nice and tight, and he’d make sure it hurt for destroying his Polly.

Her fiery red hair hung over the edge of the bench, touching the floor near his feet. If he chose to sell her into slavery, he’d get a pretty penny for a female with red hair. That was an extreme delicacy and rare beyond belief in the galaxy. She was a pretty little thing, too, with freckles covering her entire body, even decorating her nicely shaped tits.

He stood back and activated the force wall to imprison her in the steel cube. “Up we wake, and let’s find out who ye are,” he commanded, his voice echoing off the metal walls.

She groaned quietly and tried to blink away the throbbing headache as the metal ceiling came into focus. The drone of an unfamiliar air management system caught her attention as it circulated fresh air to breathe. She shivered as the breeze drifted across her naked body, and her hands went to her exposed breasts. Why was she naked? Her brows crinkled as she tried to remember what happened.

The pirate stood off to the side watching with amusement as his chuckle sent a visible shiver of fear through her. He liked that reaction, and she should be scared, because he now owned her.

Leah’s heart raced and she turned her head to see the enormous pirate standing nearby. The movement caused a ferocious ache in her temple and when she felt it, there was a large lump. It brought back the memory of the door sliding open. Hoping to kill him, she fired blindly, but clearly he’d won their confrontation. She bit her lip, once again regretting the mistake of following the wrong pirate.

“I’d like my clothes,” she said, her head pounding.

He ignored the demand, stepping closer as his eyes skimmed her body, pausing on the good parts. “I’ll ask you one time. Who are you?”

Leah didn’t miss his inspection and blushed because no one had ever seen her naked. He was downright frightening, significantly larger than any man she’d seen. It didn’t escape her attention that he also seemed slightly angry, and with a rising sense of desperation, she scrambled off the cot.

“You just stay back,” she commanded, hardly able to believe the ridiculous pickle she was in. Seeing his patience dwindle, she decided to answer his question, but knew it would be better if he didn’t know the truth. “Oh, that’s easy,” she began, gazing up at the criminal and trying to use her feminine wiles on him. Her uncle Dorsey always accused her of conjuring those up when she was in a tight spot. He’d been correct, and it usually worked. “Well, this was really just a miscommunication,” she explained, brushing her long red hair aside while tiptoeing around the fact that she’d fired a laser pistol at the outlaw’s head. “I was returning from my dear grandpa’s funeral when you attacked me. And now you’ve taken my clothes, which is just plain unreasonable meanness.” Once her fabricated explanation was complete, her striking green eyes widened dramatically, because that finishing touch never failed.

“And shooting my drone was an accident, was it?” he asked, sarcasm dripping from his voice. “And the barrage from yer twin pistols at the airlock?” He sent the forcefield slowly towards her. Leah scrambled backward as he reduced the size of her cell until she was pressed against the cold metal wall.

“Still, ye look like ye’ll be able to pay me back fer that,” he teased as he openly stared at her body. A beeping came from his hat and he tilted his head thoughtfully as he read the message. “Now that’s interesting… Ye’re old Buccheri’s niece? Yer ship’s computer has had a nice chat with mine. I owe that old bastard a score, and ye owe me a pet. Aye, I know what to do with ye now.” He smirked as the wall pressed to within a foot of the back of the cell, zapping painfully where her nipples touched it.

Leah cringed and tried to press against the wall harder but it didn’t help. “Listen, I can explain,” she said, trying to hold her breath to avoid the shocking. When her large nipples suddenly hardened, it placed them deeper into the line of fire and she squealed. “Stop! Please! You…you’re not being careful of other’s feelings!” she blurted, worrying that her nipples were being permanently damaged.

He burst out into an involuntary gust of laughter at the comment. “Really?” he gasped, drawing in a huge breath between guffaws. “Oh gods but I know what to do with ye! Ye’ll make a perfect pet to entertain me.” The pirate turned and opened a locker sunk into the wall, pulling out a thick, gleaming silver collar.

The forcefield shimmered right in front of her nose as she watched him, leery about the object he held. It looked like a polished manacle that was too big for a person’s wrist. “Entertain you?” she asked, worried about what he had planned, knowing the man was capable of anything from the report she read on him.

Chert reached into the forcefield, ignoring the painful shocks as he attached a collar around the girl’s neck. “This should help get you in the right frame of mind.” He picked up a hand-com and checked the settings on the device, ensuring that the important one was marked as priority, where any attack on him would be stopped with a preemptive electric shock. After a few days it would be able to read her brain waves, hitting her before she even moved. “Ready to come out then?”

Her nod was so frantic that her glasses slid down her nose, and she couldn’t push them up again. “Yes, yes! Can I have my clothes back? I don’t like being naked and I’m ready to go. I wasn’t even after you. I was after a completely different criminal and you just got in my way. I’d like for you to take me home—please.”

“Oh, I didn’t say go. Ye’re going nowhere, this is now your home.” He smirked as he took her glasses off and snapped them into a jumble of broken frames and lenses, dropping it to the deck.

“You wastrel!” she yelled, squinting up at the pirate. “If I wasn’t sure before, now I’m convinced you are no gentleman! I needed those glasses—darn-it!” She tried very hard not to swear, but he’d driven her to it. It was shocking that he was so vicious, because it didn’t fit his appearance at all. “You are the most inconsiderate man I’ve ever met. I’m inclined to believe you’re the pure embodiment of evil!”

His eyes narrowed. “Listen up, ye proper little bitch. Do you remember the robot you thoughtlessly destroyed in the air duct? Polly was my faithful pet, and you’re now her replacement. You’ll learn that soon enough.” His smirk broadened, intentionally goading her to anger so that the collar could register the display on her mind for future reference.

“I wish I’d been following Black Rolf instead of you. I’m fairly certain he would have been better company!”

“Black Rolf and his habit of wearing ladies skin belts? I’m not convinced,” Chert replied cheerfully. “Besides which he’s… Shall we say retired?” The man sent the forcefield straight to the back wall of the cell, weakened so as not to kill but still stinging on every piece of skin it touched. He caught one of Leah’s nipples between thumb and forefinger and pinched viciously, “Now get on all fours like a good bitch.”

“Ouch! Stop touching me!” she cried, not appreciating the pain, and definitely not happy that he was touching her breast. She was worried about being on her knees, but clearly didn’t have a choice because the stinging was unbearable. Cringing, she did as he said, sure he was about to assassinate her next.

It was daunting to look up at the bloodthirsty bundle of muscle from her knees, but she courageously made eye contact and even managed a stern look. “I didn’t give you permission to touch me and the constant name calling really irks me,” she managed to admit, while cringing in discomfort at the same time. Her voice dropped, and she glared up at him. “Go ahead and kill me then, unless you’re just trying to intimidate me!”

“I have permission already, as yer owner, and I’m going to train, not kill, ye. By the time I’m finished ye won’t know yer old name, life or anything but me.” He grinned and pushed her onto her back with a booted foot. “Also ‘irks’ and ‘wastrel’? Who sends bounty hunters out with thesauruses these days—Or is this yer first and last case?”

Her cheeks turned pink with embarrassment. Was there something wrong with her vocabulary? She was under the impression that everyone spoke that way. Frowning, Leah pushed at his boot, wondering why she cared about talking incorrectly when he just threatened to destroy her.

“It’s my first case, and I’m going to find my uncle. That’s all the information you’re getting from me,” she announced, trying to shove his giant foot off. She thought she was done, but before staying quiet, she had to make one more point. “Nobody ever complained about my vocabulary before. Perhaps you’re just poorly educated,” she glanced away and finished by muttering, “you opinionated oaf.”

“That may be true, my callipygian kitten,” he agreed amiably, “but I still own ye. Finders keepers and all that.” He kept her pinned with his foot as he inspected her body. He bent down and pinched her nipples, pulling them upward to give her large breasts a good shake as she gasped in surprise.

“Ouch, stop!” she complained, squirming beneath him.

He smiled, and caught a handful of her fiery red hair. “I tell ye what, ye can choose here. Which of yer three holes do I fuck first?” His grin stayed friendly but his eyes grew cold above it.

Her face turned almost as red as her hair as she realized the other holes he planned on penetrating. Did people actually do that? Even though the pirate’s vicious words sent her heart thundering, she was an intelligent, yet inexperienced young woman, and knew she had no choice in the matter. She’d read the man’s file and he’d stop at nothing, apparently leaving no part of her innocence untouched. The savage was more than double her size, and it’d be useless to fight him. She’d never participated in it, but knew how mating worked and decided then and there to make the best of things.

While she was training, her uncle told her about Chert’s type. He was the kind of criminal that got pleasure from forcing his will upon innocent people. It was one of the reasons she’d chosen to continue in the family business. It was just too bad that her first face-off with a deviant had gone so wrong.

The appropriate course of action was clear. She had to turn his crude proposition into a consenting experience. That way, he’d get bored and go away, maybe even take her home. After all, she wasn’t holding onto her virginity for any particular reason. She just hadn’t gotten out on her own in the universe yet.

Still, each time she imagined it happening, it was always with a much smaller gentleman. It might be interesting to see what the big deal was either way, and she read a few books that described orgasms as being quite wonderful. Making the most out of a bad situation, she tried to look at him objectively and decided he was quite handsome, even with the eyepatch.

Wetting her full lips, she tried to appear willing. “I’ve considered your offer and would like to make love in the normal, appropriate manner—with a climax—if you know how to do that,” she said, already feeling a moist heat between her legs.

“I know how, but that’s no fun right now. So, do you want me to fuck yer mouth, yer cunt or yer arse?” He leaned down and slapped her face then her breasts, reddening the skin rapidly.

“Stop, darn it! Why are you doing that?” she yelled, pushing at his boot. When that didn’t work she brought her hands up to hide her face from him, still leaving her shapely breasts exposed.

“I’m going to fuck ye in every hole in the end but which one do ye want used first?” He laughed and slapped her breasts again.

She gasped at his inappropriate language. Leah had never experienced such terrible treatment in her life and decided things couldn’t get any worse. The scoundrel was attempting to demoralize her, and she wasn’t going to let him do it–even though her chin did start to quiver a tiny bit. “I choose my–my, um, vagina,” she stammered, feeling more embarrassed than ever before. “You’re evil, Chert,” she added, relieved to have the opportunity to point that out.

“Arse it is,” he mocked, absently brushing her struggles aside to roll her over so that her small body was face down on the cold floor. “Now ye know what kind of choice ye really have here!” He knelt astride her thighs and grabbed her slender wrists, pinning them behind her back as he opened his trousers. Chert pulled his thick cock free, hard in readiness for her, and pressed the head against her tight hole. “Either I’ll fuck ye dry or with lube. If ye want lube then ye’ll beg fer it!” He slowly began to force his shaft into her, feeling it drag on the dry skin.

“Oh! It’s never going to fit! Wait! I can offer you payment! I’ve got money, Chert. I…I’m very wealthy, and I’ve got money at my estate on my home planet,” she admitted. Leah was going to keep that a secret, but felt desperate. “If you stop, I’ll pay you…a lot. Maybe we could work out a deal?”

“And what would I buy? I have a fortune already, and all I need is a new pet after you thoughtlessly destroyed my Polly. I will take yer dignity though,” he growled as he kept forcing his cock into her.


Enslaving His Maid, Erotic Fiction by Roger Doyle, Read an X-Rated Excerpt!

Enslaving His Maid, Blackmailed by the Englishman, is now available in paperback and ebook formats through the Fetish World Books imprint.

Gold Status

During its first month, Enslaving His Maid reached gold status on

Just a heads up, this book is for adults only! That being said, if you love reading about kinky sex, this book is for you. It was too raunchy for Amazon, so if you’re interested in this pure, unadulterated, filthy-dirty book, head on over to A1AdultEbooks to check it out.


Eighteen-year-old Megan needed a job and the employment listing for a wealthy man’s maid seemed too good to be true. The pay was excellent and even though she was anxious about the skimpy uniform, she was convinced the Englishman was a nice man after their first meeting.

Gareth’s plans for Megan were plotted out to the smallest detail, and she fell straight into his trap. The innocent girl took every piece of bait he laid out, and soon he would have a new plaything to do with as he desired. He looked forward to teaching her how to please him and planned to sculpt her into the perfect little submissive. After all, who doesn’t enjoy corrupting a virgin?

X-rated Excerpt

A few hours later, her cat woke her up by jumping on her stomach and meowing hungrily. “You like your new home, Whiskey?” Megan asked, catching sight of something deep red stuck on the cat’s claw. She pulled it off and looked at it closer. “Uh- oh. What the heck did you get into?”

The alarm on her phone went off, telling her it was time to get ready for dinner just as she realized where she’d seen that color. It perfectly matched the leather from the seats of the expensive sports car.

“Oh, no, no, no! What did you do?” she asked, jumping up and running outside at full speed across the property.

From the kitchen, Gareth watched his lovely bikini clad maid weave through the elegantly landscaped yard and charge into the open garage. He grinned and headed in that direction, knowing exactly what she’d find.

The drivers window of the car was down, and Megan thought that was a very bad sign. The backseat was clawed all to hell, and for the life of her, she couldn’t figure out why Whiskey would do such a thing. She became nauseous and her hand clutched her stomach as she shook her head in denial.

Gareth walked in through the open bay door, calling to Megan.

“I saw you running, Megan. Is everything alright?” he asked, finally following her terrified stare. He winced and closed his eyes as he put on a show of trying to stay calm, rubbing the bridge of his nose. “Okay, when I said you could bring your cat, I didn’t mean he could do thousands in damage to my car. I’m going to have to replace all the seating.”

“I’m so sorry!” Megan cried, knowing she’d probably be fired.

He shook his head, knowing the shock to Megan would be enormous but not wanting to scare her away. “Never mind, we’ll just remember to keep the garage shut. I refuse to have cats declawed so we’ll just have to take care that way, although the cost isn’t a minor thing to repair this.” He reached out and patted her shoulder, “I don’t blame you, but I don’t think insurance covers acts of cat.”

“I just can’t believe he did this. You could take it out of my pay.”

“Let’s have dinner then we’ll discuss it,” he offered, turning to lead the way. “Maybe you could do something extra for me instead?”

“Okay. I’m just so shocked.” The seats probably cost a fortune and she couldn’t afford to pay for new ones. If it came out of her paycheck, it would take forever to repay him.

Gareth took her to the kitchen, pressing a hot cup of tea into her hands and a steak and onion sandwich. “Try the food, it’s good. Not a usual meat I’ll admit but very tasty.” He led the way back to the table and sat to eat the meal.

“Now, the suggestion. Since you seem comfortable around me, which is nice, then maybe we could skip the bra and panties for a month? I know, it may be too much for you but it’s the air of naughtiness, something that’s just decadent, that makes the idea something I’ve been tempted by. There are already naked maid services, but if you’d stay in stockings and heels then that would be better,” he explained, sipping his tea as he spoke. “Again, I’ll respect you if you say no but I’m willing to write off the expense of the seats for a month of that, and increased wages in the future if you want to continue.”

Megan nearly choked on her delicious sandwich. He wanted her to clean naked? She couldn’t think of what to say, and her eyes were large as she chewed. Her hand came up in a gesture for him to wait a moment as she considered the situation.

She thought about her mom and how her head would explode with fury about her pageant winning daughter becoming a lowly servant. Now she was even considering becoming a naked one. To be fair, it was for very good money, and Mr. Davis had always been a gentleman. Megan thought he was kind of cute, too, with his charming accent and wavy black hair.

“Wow, I’ve never heard of a naked maid service before,” she said, taking another bite. “This is good, what kind of burger is this?”

“Kangaroo,” he chuckled, refilling her cup of tea. “Got a little spring in it, hasn’t it? Tastes better than beef I think. And yes, you can look up the maid thing. Consider it tonight though, and if you agree then you can have breakfast like that. I’ll let you clean the chair afterwards.” He winked at her, a cheeky grin showing. He knew she could hardly afford to turn down the offer, especially given that she couldn’t ask anyone for help.

She gulped and swallowed at the same time, surprised about eating kangaroo and shocked by the idea of eating in the buff…then wiping off the chair.

As she pictured herself sitting at the table that way, eating breakfast, something strange happened to her. She began throbbing between her legs, and squeezed them together, wondering why she was suddenly excited. That hadn’t happened too many times to her, actually, and it was unexpected. Oh my god! I’m a pervert! she thought, looking down at her swimsuit and hoping he didn’t notice that her nipples had hardened.

Gareth finished his meal and headed to the living room. “I’ll see you in the morning, Megan. Maybe all of you but don’t forget the stockings and heels,” he teased as he left. He was fairly sure that she’d be unable to resist the combination of money, safe exhibitionism and gratitude for his kindness after the incident. Once she was undressed around him he’d have enough leverage in the photos to get her full unwilling submission before lunch. He was certain that she’d resist, given her reaction to her boyfriend previously, and that would just add more spice to his fun.

She gave him a quick nod and walked to her room almost at a run. The room was quiet and she dove into on her comfortable bed, wiggled out of her bikini and tossed it to the floor. Megan crawled under the covers and closed her eyes, imagining the next morning, eating breakfast naked. Later, he would probably watch her as she did her job in the nude.

She couldn’t believe she was going to do it, but her hand strayed down between her legs. It hardly ever happened, and never during the day, but it seemed necessary. As she opened her legs wider, she sighed and fell back into the pile of pillows with her eyes closed. It always took her a long time to cum, and she hadn’t really perfected it yet, but once she started there was no stopping her and her fingers stroked her clit beneath the covers until she came.

The next morning, she rolled on the black fishnet stockings, tying the frilly ribbons at the top and then slipped on the shoes. She looked in the mirror and tried to gather her courage. Her dark hair would at least give her a little privacy, both on her head and down below. If she started feeling shy, she’d pull it around to cover her breasts. It seemed that the situation had suddenly kicked her sex drive into action, and she glanced at her bed. Should she get under the covers again before breakfast? Maybe take the edge off?

The man knocked at her door as she finished dressing, hardly a long task that day, and called through, “Good morning. Food is ready when you are but don’t take too long or it’ll get cold.” He watched her on his phone screen, the hidden camera feeding through to him in real time and letting him know just when to knock to prevent her from playing with herself.

He got to the kitchen in time to pull the tray of croissants out, pouring two bowl-like mugs of hot chocolate out for the table. He checked the cameras, fitting one under the table in readiness to catch her bare crotch and ensuring a full field of view before getting seated as he saw her approach on the camera feed.

As usual, Mr. Davis was in the kitchen setting out a delicious smelling breakfast. Megan walked in with her heart racing. She was feeling very awkward… and exposed. Now that she stood in the kitchen in just her stockings and high-heels, she was having second thoughts and considered returning to her room. She took a step backward toward the door because he hadn’t seen her yet, but then remembered all of her reasons for going ahead with the “nude maid for a month” plan.

The man smiled, still looking away, and called out, “Hi there, ready for breakfast?” The phone showed her nervous step before he turned it off and looked at her. He gave her a quick scan and kept up the friendly smile, “You look lovely, much better than any other artwork I could get. Now let’s eat, and if it’ll help you feel any more comfortable by making this more of a job thing, then call me sir, otherwise feel free to use Gareth.” He pulled her chair out and waited for her to sit before taking his own seat.

“Okay, I’ll do that,” she said. The wooden seat of the chair was cold against her bottom and she closed her legs, then arranged her curtain of dark hair to cover her chest. Looking around, she realized that cleaning the kitchen would take longer, because it was messier than usual. She frowned and bit into a croissant, taking stock of the things that would need done while simultaneously worrying about doing them without her clothes on. “Thank you for breakfast, sir. It’s tasty, as usual.”

“I’m sorry for the mess,” he told her with a smile. “Puff pastry is harder than I’d thought, but I wanted to make an effort. And cooking is probably a good habit.”

Whiskey entered the kitchen and headed straight for Gareth. The cat rubbed its body against the man’s legs, purring. It was time to feed him, and she really didn’t want to get up. At least her nudity was partially hidden behind the table where she was. When the meowing began, she frowned and pushed away from the table, got his bowl from the dishwasher, and paused. She would have to bend over to grab a can of cat food from the very back of a lower cabinet, and her ass would be pointed right at her boss. Finally, she decided on squatting instead, and it was a strange feeling as the position opened her up and the air hit the wet folds between her legs.

“Oh, boy,” she whispered, trying to gather more courage. As she grabbed a can, Whiskey rubbed his silky fur against her ass, causing her to jump up. “Goodness, kitty! Give a little warning next time, darn it.” She opened the can and emptied the food into the bowl, then glared as she placed it in front of the apparently starving cat. “This is your fault,” she muttered, patting his back as he scarfed down his food. The movement caused her breasts to sway, and she hurriedly returned to her breakfast, blushing furiously.

Gareth grinned inwardly at the show he’d just had but didn’t stare. “I’ll be in the living room today so if you want to do the kitchen and bedrooms then that’s fine. I may call for a cup of tea later,” he said, finishing his food. “Anyway, I’ll see you later, Megan.”

He left and headed for his leather armchair, pulling out a powerful tablet and starting work. The man put together a video of Megan’s initial outfit, then the lingerie, the topless hot tub moment and finally the naked breakfast. He left her to clean for a hour before calling through for a cup of tea, intending to show the video and photos to the shocked girl.

The rest of the kitchen was spotless, but the floor was still covered with flour. For the life of her, she couldn’t find a mop anywhere, but there was a bucket and sponge under the sink. “Be right there. I’m having trouble finding a mop,” she called, putting a kettle of water on to boil. The tea cupboard was full of choices, so she poked her head into the living room, keeping her body hidden around the corner. “Um, what kind of tea would you like?”

“I’m not sure I have a mop,” he replied, standing up with a yawn. “Don’t worry, I’ll make the tea myself. Actually, there might be something at the back by the fridge, a dustpan and brush would make it easier to get up the flour at least?” Gareth smiled as he strolled in, blatantly not paying attention to her nudity as he selected a mixture of tea and concentrated on the pot. The final video of her on all fours while he stood behind her would be the last touch needed to his show.

“Oh, okay. I’ll do that,” she said, getting on her knees to reach into the lower cupboard for the dustpan and brush. Once she got a hold of it, she paused, looking up at him. Cleaning the floor would involve a lot of bending over, or she could stay on her knees and do it. They were already coated with flour, so she went to work.

The man whistled as he measured out leaves into the pot, sniffing the mixture from time to time. His attention was clearly not on Megan, so far as she’d be able to tell, and he stepped over her to fetch two clean cups. “Tea?”

“Yes, thank you. I’m almost done,” she said, sweeping up the last bit of pastry. “This will need mopped, though. How about if I run to the store and buy a mop?” she asked hopefully, grasping for an excuse to get her clothes back on. She stood and brushed her knees off, then sipped her tea.

“It’ll be fine for now. Could you do my bathroom next please? The bedding is okay for now but that’ll give you a chance for some privacy,” he joked, taking his tea through. The show was soon finished, the tablet prepped to show it on the giant TV screen and he’d checked the location of the cameras, setting up one in the lamp behind his chair for later. “Megan, could you come to the living room,” he called through the intercom, grinning broadly.

Quickly, she arranged her hair to cover her chest and kept the fluffy feather duster as she headed to the living room where Mr. Davis awaited. Megan stopped in front of his comfortable chair and tried to smile back as she adjusted the feather duster so it blocked the view of the area between her legs. “Yes, sir?”

He patted a leather footstool and spoke, “Sit down please and watch the TV for a moment.” His voice was firm as he pointed before starting the film.

The incriminating movie was expertly spliced together in a way that depicted her as a scantily clad maid and then went downhill from there. It went on to show her nakedness in nearly every room of the house, writhing under her bedcovers, topless in the hot tub and it even looked like she was on her knees in front of him…for sex!

As she forgot to breathe in her shock, she fought the urge to run away. What was going on? Was this available for everyone to see? She was confused and feeling panicked.

Once it was over he chuckled at her expression. “Now sit and turn to face me like a good girl. Imagine if that went public, what would your mother do? Or if it got emailed to Chuck? You’d be ruined, wouldn’t you… There’d be no getting away from it. But there is a solution.” Gareth grinned and gestured to the erection tenting the fabric at his crotch, “Suck me off and I’ll destroy the film.”

“What? Oh god, no! I…I’ve never done anything like that…ever,” she explained, her eyes wide. “Gareth, you can’t show that to my mom, she’ll think I’m a…a…slut. You really have the wrong idea about me. I’m uh, inexperienced. I’d probably do it all wrong,” she said, glancing at the very large bulge in his pants and jumping up.

“I’m sure you’ll figure out the way of things. On your knees,” he snapped, glaring at her. “I want to feel that lovely mouth in ten seconds or I send your new film out. Now, bring that curvy ass over here and get my cock out.”

As she frantically looked at the video, she realized there wasn’t a choice for her. The man obviously didn’t understand her mom, because the dragon woman would hire a hit on him if she saw his movie. As her shaky hands undid his trousers, she could hardly believe what was happening. However, she’d never so much as touched a cock before, and was just a tiny bit curious.

Finally, she stepped closer and reached into his designer boxer shorts to pull his very large and heavy member free. Its texture was surprising, so smooth, yet so solid. As she examined it, she knew he wanted her mouth around the thing, but it was really too big for that. Only the top half would fit, and besides that, he peed out of it. Her brows scrunched up at the thought, because now her mouth would be there. She knew people did that kind of thing, but hadn’t ever bothered to learn the details because she never planned on doing it herself.

“Kneel and ask me nicely to be allowed to suck it. You’ve got ten seconds.”

Her jaw dropped and she hurried to her knees. “Okay, okay. But I don’t know how,” she explained again. “Please, can I suck that for you, Gareth?” she asked, glancing behind her at the big screen to see if what was happening was also being recorded.

“Of course you can, my dear,” he agreed, stroking it with one hand. “Get your mouth around it and suck gently. Or you could lick it from balls to head. I want you to show how eager you are though!” He winked at her, enjoying her distress and knowing that the camera behind them would be capturing her submission.

Leaning forward, she caught hold of him with her hand and licked up the side of his cock very lightly. The soft skin under her tongue interested her and she pressed a little harder, wishing she knew more about sex. Gareth’s cock tasted faintly of soap as her tongue moved downward and then back up again. Her eyes were on her work as she licked and licked, exploring gently, curving around but not going near the top where a drop of precum was pooled.

The man smirked at her obedience. “Mouth open and get my cock in you. If you want your reward then you’ll start to suck now.” He lounged back, hands behind his head as he ensured the cameras had a good view of her face and that it looked willing, without any force used. “Come on, slut. Or maybe you’d prefer your mother to find out all the details of your new job?”

It threw her off to hear the inappropriate words uttered in his proper English accent. She glared up at him, hardly able to comprehend the transformation he’d made. How had he hidden this side of him? He’d completely fooled her and she felt rather stupid.

It didn’t seem like she had a choice, so she opened wide and wrapped her lips around his cock, getting her first taste of cum. There was so much of him that she couldn’t get it all in, and she didn’t want to go out of her way to try too hard, either. Instead, she sucked only the top half of him with her lips and her fingers stroked the lower part, sliding up and down through her saliva.

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